Welcome to the electronic face of Integra Valuation Consulting Services, LLC!

Led by James F. Joyner III, who has been providing valuation and litigation support services since 1990, Integra serves the southern USA (and sometimes beyond) with valuations and litigation support services. Our aim is to provide a web site that provides helpful information to address your valuation and litigation support needs, and in the process inform you a little about the services we offer.


Integra Valuation Consulting offers a variety of valuation and litigation support services.

Basic valuation services include both consulting and reporting for valuation analysis and calculations, adequate consideration opinion, fairness opinions, and asset allocations of merged or acquired businesses. We value businesses or business units and financial assets or instruments. Our valuation engagements include mergers and acquisitions, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), income tax compliance, intellectual property, compensatory equity plans, real options, fair value (GAAP and IFRS), and other valuation engagements.

Our litigation support engagements include damages from lost profits, valuation of business interests, intellectual property, divorce valuations, taxation matters and shareholder disputes.